Blogging about Blogging

Last summer, I put together my first blog. I wanted a place where I could feature my photographs and writing in one place so I could showcase my work. I found creating the blog and picking the right design elements to be fun and exciting. Once I finally created a blog that I felt met my needs and showcased my work, I began blogging. At first it was daunting to have a blank blog, although once I began posting I started to really enjoy it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.14.57 AMMy first blog, prior to this one, was for my travels around Europe. I found blogging while traveling to be free and exciting. I could write about any topic or travel revelation and match it with photographs. It was thrilling to finally finish a post and photo slide, and post it to my social media. I loved seeing the comments and interactions I received about my writing. I found the process of blogging related to the mindset I am in while doing writing for the Eagles Eye or any publication. Although it is not going through an Editor, I still try keep the posts clean, as the serve for great writing samples.

My favorite part about blogging is watching your blog compile posts and photographs. It becomes a collage of my work, words and photography. It is fun to look back at past blog posts and reflect on all the growth; I believe this is an important aspect of blogging. The growth that is exhibited through a blog is not only important for me to notice, but also important for other to see.

I am excited to progress my blogging experience, as it is important to always be writing while studying journalism. It is especially important to develop my own voice and opinion and I believe that is the most important take away from blogging so far. 


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