What Do You Think of Twitter

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 3.51.11 PMTwitter has never been a social media platform I have used. I briefly had it in high school, although deleted it. Recently in the past year, I have gained a new appreciation for Twitter through a Journalism conference in New York City and a my internship with the Association of Freeskiing Professionals.

Last year during my internship, I was handed the social media platforms for the AFP, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Therefore I gained multimedia journalistic skills while working with the AFP. The position was exciting because I was able to interact with social media in a professional environment. I learned the importance of hash tagging and tagging the correct brands, athletes and mountains associated with the post. Prior to this internship I had only used Twitter minimally, although during this internship I discovered the importance of Twitter. All social media (especially Twitter) is an intertwined story web that is connected infinitely and through the correct use of social media, anyone can participate in this collective conversation. During my time with AFP, I found this conversation to be exciting to provoke and participate in, as the more I participated, the larger following we gained.

My ‘aha’ moment with Twitter also happened at the Journalism conference, the Eagles Eye editors and I, attended in New York City last spring. Many of the sessions we attended encouraged the use of Twitter. The journalists at the conference all emphasized the role Twitter now plays in today’s journalism. They explained the effectiveness of hash tagging, tagging and rapid news. They encouraged today’s journalist to keep up with the pace of Twitter and it is playing an important role in today’s journalism.

Therefore I have found this class to be useful in re-alliterating the importance of Twitter as Twitter serves as a very important multimedia platform.


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