Top Ten Ways to Move Your Bones

Moving our bones allows new sights and perspectives into our horizons. Here are the top ten ways to move your bones,get going!

  1. Climb a mountain

Mountains are muscles of the Earth. It is important to find yourself close to the clouds sharing their strength.

A recent backcountry ski-day in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado


  1. Learn a new sport

Old dogs can still learn new tricks. Learning a new sport or activity forces you to face fears, a very essential lesson.

Learning to skateboard taught me many lessons regarding fear


3.Walk a new path

It is easy to slip into the labyrinth of our daily routines and paths. Take a new road home, even the slightest alteration of our day-to-day life can sprout new outlooks.

Discovering new cobblestone streets in Madrid, Spain


4. Travel to a new country

There are seas to see, history to learn and diverse cultures to experience. Moving your bones across oceans and deserts, is the best way to discover new perspectives.

Venice, Italy


5.Swim in the ocean

Defying gravity is healthy for our spirits. Allow the rhythm of the ocean to instill freedom in your bones.

Diving in the ‘ocean’ of Lake Tahoe

6. Road trip with your friends

Good music, great company and a constantly changing horizon, there is nothing better.

Road tripping through rainy Oregon

7. Sleep under the stars

Take down the tent and let the stars be your canopy.

Sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert


  1. Ditch your car: ride a skateboard or bicycle

Leave the comforts of your car and use alternative transportation and move your legs.

Bike rides through Barcelona, Spain

9. Watch the sunrise on a mountain 

Introduce your day through splendor.

San Juan Mountains, Colorado


10.Watch the sunset over the beach

End your day with magnificence.

East shore sunsets cannot be matched

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